Porch Posts & Spindles
Pine post for a
replacement on a porch
6"x6"x8' glued up from
three 2"x6"
Two of six soft maple
posts made for a porch
on a newer house
looking for a retro look
6"x6"x8'  glued up from
three 2"x6".
This is the porch with the spindles from
the picture on the left.
These are two spindles I duplicated for
a customer out of red oak the are about
30 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in
diameter at the biggest and down to 1/2
inch at the small end.
This is a newel post setting on
my lathe bed. The old one and
the new one I made to replace
the rotted out one. 5 1/2 inches
Square by 40 inches tall.
This is an outside light post
made of laminated pine with
Gorilla glue with a hole the
complete length for the
wires for the light. The
smaller turnings are scale
samples of light posts. It is
on display at Jess Howe's
building supply in Sidney
Center NY.
Here is a finial that I
copied for the top of a
four post bed.
Last updated 1/1/2016
Porch column made from laminated pine 14 inches
at the base and 8 feet tall.