New Stuff
These are wine bottle stoppers. I have just started to
make these. They are made of several different kinds
of wood. They have a silicone seal with a chrome
stem that will fit in most bottles and seal in the wine.
Last updated 1/1/2016
Hard Maple spoon that I have
turned on my lathe. It is 12
inches long and the spoon is 2
inches in diameter  with a
handle of 3/4 of an inch.
This is a Hard maple spatula that
I have turned on my lathe. It is 12
inches long and 3 inches wide
with a handle of 3/4 of an inch
and tapers down to 1/16 of an
inch thick on the end.
Cherry spatula hand  turned on my
lathe with the same dimensions as
the maple one above.
Here is a Red Oak travel mug
that I have turned on my lathe
with a 16 oz stainless steel liner.
Wine glass with Chery stem.
Lilac wood vase
6"high X 2"dia
Cherry burl steering wheel for my Hot
Double ended seam rippers
Walnut and Red Oak.
Ice Cream scoop in Walnut, Serving set in
Cherry, Cheeses slicer in Cherry and
Walnut Pizza cutter in Red Oak.
Hard Maple flat spatulas with square and
rounded ends.
Necklace seam rippers the chain
is held on with a magnet.
These are made from old fence posts and are various kinds of
wood. The weed post can also be used for pen and pencil
Here I made a business card holder
and a matching pen and pencil holder
for a customer using old fence posts.

Cherry burl
shaving brush
and a Quilted
Hard Maple
Mach 3 razer. I
can also do a
double edge razer.
8 foot bats for the Oneonta