Building a Bowl
This half of a log is ready to get cut to
a round bowl blank on the band saw. It
is a piece of spalted hard maple.
Spalting  is caused from a fungus that
has invaded the wood and the wood
has started to decay. It is best to be
worked before it starts to get soft and
is hard to find that way. To see the
band saw and lathe I use go to
Shop page.
These are two bowl blanks cut
from a half log and cut thinner for
shallow bowls or platers and ready
to be put on the lathe.
This is a roughed out bowl and is
ready to be soaked for a couple
days. I soak my green  bowls in a
50/50 mix of dish soap and water.
I have very good success with this
method of treating green wood. It
keeps them from cracking most of
the time.
This is a bowl that is finished of the
same kind of wood and treated the
same. It takes several hours to turn
one bowl and that depends on the
size. I some times can get more then
one bowl out of a block depending
on the size of the block. Like the
one that I cut in the previous
picture I made two bowls. Some
times I will take a smaller bowl out
of the center of a bigger bowl. If the
blank is bigger I can get several
bowls out of a block.