Cherry with walnut
in the middle
3 1/2" high. x 9" dia.
Hard maple 3 1//2"
high x 10 1/2" dia.
Hard Maple 4" high x
13 1/2" dia.
Last Updated 1/1/2016
Cherry with plastic & epoxy filler
2 3/4" high x 7 1/2" dia.
Hard Maple and epoxy 4"
high x 5 3/4" diam.
Hard Maple with many worm holes. It
is 7 5/8 inches in dia. 2 3/4 inches high
and 1/4 inch wall thickness.
Cherry burl Bowl 6" high
X  7" dia,
Spalted maple 6" high X 8"
Group of walnut bowls with a weed pot.
Hard Maple burl bowl
Hard Maple Burl  4" high X
6" dia.
Apple 7' high X 6"dia.
Locus burl bowl 8 inch diameter.
This is a group of roughed out walnut bowls. About three
hours each to get this far, then they have to be dried and finish
turned. Another two for finish turning then an hour for
finishing for a total of six hours each.
Here is a eight inch plater from a
chestnut two by eight from an old barn.
This is a top view of the same bowl as in  
the picture above this one.
Locus bowl seven inches in diameter by
four inches high.